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Sanford Mortgage was the lender for the Buyer of one of our property listings that closed April 30, 2020. Julie Wallace and her team of Sharon Bateman and Kelly Lee were great and provided regular weekly updates on the progress of the Buyer's loan approval and responded almost immediately to any of my emails for updates. I would definitely recommend Julie and her team for mortgage financing.

Bascom Grooms

Julie and Sharon and the rest of the team are a pleasure to work with. They work hard to get the buyer the best product for their needs. As a realtor they are always in my top three for buyers purchasing in the Keys.

Francesca Santiago Chavez

The team at Sandford Mortgage was great. The processed my client’s mortgage incredibly fast and answered all questions immediately.

Victoria Genna

Sharon, Kelly and Julie helped us a great deal and were always very pleasant and capable. We would recommend this team to anyone looking for a mortgage. The team worked fast and we felt comfortable at every place along the way.

Jim and Deb from Key West

Amazing, simply amazing! Very professional, stress free and thorough. The best loan experience we have ever experienced. Good job, team! Thank you.

Harold Schreckengost

Sharon is great!! Worked non stop, made sure everyone was updated, and kept all parties on track for the closing date! Great job!!


Sharon with Sanford Mortgage was fantastic. When things were tough with the underwriter's conditions for approval, Sharon kept us calm and trekking along. Kudos to Sharon for a job well done in landing our dream home in the Florida Keys.

Bryce Tyner

Sanford Mortgage saved the day again! For the second time this year, they were able to successfully provide financing for the buyer of one of my listings when another lender was not able to do so and each contract was about to be cancelled. Julie Wallace and Sharon Bateman are very responsive, helpful and knowledgeable...I highly recommend working with them, and will be referring other Buyers. A huge 'thank you' from all parties involved!!

Patti Nickless

From time to time I hear the term keys disease passed out between certain people. This term is given to people that suffer from a lack of good work ethic but in dealing with the professional staff over at Sanford mortgage I have found no traces of this Keys disease in there workforce. I look forward to my home signing for my first home this Friday and I look forward to a bright future and business relationship with them for my future property investments. Thank you for all your hard work I’ll be recommending you to anyone looking to buy a home in the islands.

Cody Erin McCain

I would not have trusted this Client's loan to any other Lender! Julie and the team at Sanford worked literally day and night, including underwriters working our file over the weekend, to get us full approval in record time. We never WANT a last-minute lending situation, but when it happens, it's so important to know you can trust Sanford. Thank you for your dedication and integrity.

ChelleBe Blades

Overall, I had a great experience working with the team of Julie, Sharon, and Kelly. I got a little frustrated at times with the requirements for documents that didn't seem overly pertinent, but I was partially to blame due to my lack of timely responses at times. That said, Sharon and Kelly were VERY fast at responding and were patient with many questions I had throughout the process. Julie, I felt, went above and beyond the nature of her duties by helping me acquire insurance that could have potentially stalled the deal on it's own. Simply said, everything that the trio of Julie, Sharon, and Kelly had a hand in was awesome. I felt well taken care of and would happily use them again.

Daniel Winsor

When we started this process it was a rush to start with I have been turned down by another lender and Julie and Sharon picked up my file and ran with it they did such a great job I can't tell you how much I appreciate everyone's effort and everyone dealing with me at times I know I can be difficult but whoever this email ends up with I need you to pay special attention to Sharon she was absolutely pivotal in this process without her it would not be closed I cannot thank her enough and I cannot thank your company enough

Charles perry

My buyer had a loan application with another bank, the bank waited almost 4 weeks to tell us they were unable to do the loan. We were able to transfer the file to Julie and Sharon who were able to get a FHA approval and closed in 3 weeks. All the time handling the deadlines. We can’t thank them enough for saving the deal. My buyer is now moving into his dream home!

Dasha Ray

Outstanding! Professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly. The people who I worked with, Julie, Sharon, and Kelly, made me part of their team as they worked to get my mortgage for me. They answered my questions, kept me informed, and genuinely cared about helping me. I highly recommend Sanford Mortgage Corporation.

George Jacobs

Awesome team to work with! Highly recommend them for financing in the Keys!


We are very happy and satisfied with the assistance provided by Sanford Mortgage Corp. During our recent Home purchase. This experience was made more enduring and enjoyable by our interactions with Kelly Lee and Sharon Bateman. I would specifically like to recognize Sharon for her calm and level headed demeanor, which did help us to accomplish this task in a very professional and satisfying manner. We would be remiss to not mention and express our thanks to Julie Wallace, who was always available to assist! Thank you all very much! Sincerely Mike and Evelyn Wyse.

Mike Wyse

I was very impressed with the weekly updates and overall amazing communications from start to finish. Your mortgage products and promise to close quickly are fulfilled every time. Thank you for a very professional and smooth transaction.

Everett Watkins

We were on the verge of giving up on buying our house as the loan process with another bank didn't work out and we were left with limited time before the closing deadline. Julie, Sharon, and Kelly worked tirelessly beyond working hours to make this work and we have a house now, thanks to Sanford. We appreciate their patience with the VA loan complications, and working with us despite our chances being low. Sanford makes things work for you, highly recommend it!

Matthew Dailey

Wonderful customer service! The staff are professional and still patient with first time buyers. I would highly recommend Sanford Mortgage and all of their affiliates to anyone looking to buy or sell. Thanks again for all your assistance.


A couple of words come to mind when thinking of Sanford Mortgage and their team and those words are professional and thorough. The follow up you receive from the team never leaves you wondering where the file is in the process. The customer service they provide the clients is unmatched.

Heather Benentt

It is a true pleasure to work with Julie and Sharon. They are so professional and good at what they do and make my job a lot easier. I can't say enough nice things about them and I wish all my clients would take my suggestion when they pick a lender.

Annica Pedersen

Can't say enough good things! My 1st-time buyer needing a VA loan is thrilled. Got it closed in 30 days, and re-structured the closing costs in numerous ways to benefit my buyer. The whole Sanford Mortgage team was superb. There was a lot of buyer hand-holding needed, and the response from the team was excellent. Hard to believe that I (buyer's agent) was out-of-the-country for 8 days prior to closing and totally without telephone or internet ... and yet, the closing happened right on time! OK, OK, maybe I'm not as indispensable as I thought. BUT Sanford Mortgage is :)

Jim Smith

Sanford closed our transaction right in the middle of the Holiday season, which is often chaos with Lenders. From the first interaction, through the closing, the process was completely efficient. They Buyer and I kept saying, this is going so EASY (it seems weird!). Thank you Julie and Sharon, for a great Holiday Gift!

ChelleBe Blades

Over the years I have experienced a number of real estate closings. None of them have gone as smoothly has my experience with Sanford Mortgage. Julie and Sharon were very professional and knowledgeable. This closing could have had a few bumps in it, but they expertly avoided them, made it easy. They couldn't have been more helpful, pleasure to work with them.

Richard West

Julie and Sharon were great to work with. I truly appreciated their knowledge and expertise which helped us purchase our home and make it an easy experience.

Tracy Dubensjy

Recommend to anyone who needs a mortgage. They walked us through every step of the loan process. Stress free pain free even after Hurricane Irma.

Tiffany hunt

Sanford Mortgage, specifically Sharon Bateman, excelled at providing the best customer service during the entire lending process. They completed the loan and settlement before, during and after hurricane Irma ripped through South Florida and didn’t miss a beat! They provided top-notch customer service, solid advice and updates during a very stressful time. Sharon’s knowledge and upfront honest approach proved extremely valuable and I highly recommend Sanford Mortgage for your lending needs!

Dan Kenney

Very easy process

Tiffany hunt

Great working with you guys! Very responsive and fast closing.

Derek Epperly

Julie, Sharon And Kelly always provide informative information related to the closing at hand and work tiredlessy to meet contract dates and time frames.

Gregory Oropeza


Debora Steele

The skill level of the staff at Sanford Mortgage Corp is unsurpassed. We received great service through some trying times with the houses not passing inspection, changing properties and seller issues. But through it all Julie, Sharon and Kelly kept us sane and on track. Thanks so much, Mike and Donna Loader

Mike and Donna Loader

This is the second transaction I've done with Julie and Sharon. It is a pleasure to work with them both. Expedient, available, informative. I couldn't be more pleased, and will refer and recommend.

Elizabeth Chamberlain

Julie and Sharon were great to work with. They made sure all my questions were answered, details where taken care of and the end result was a success! I would recommend them to any one who wants to work with professional and quality resources. Thank you for your assistance in getting my mortgage and I am looking forward to my new place in Key West!

Linda Schrum

Excellent Work! Attentive, professional and responsive, what more could you want??!!

Richard Klitenick

Sharon was awesome! She actually cared about her client, not just wanting to get the transaction closed. She was very knowledgeable about her loan product. She even took the time to speak with a very high maintenance seller. Great Company! I would definitely recommend this company to a friend or family member.

Divine & Estes, PA
Key West, FL

Julie and Sharon both did a fantastic job in getting our loan approved in a very short time span. They kept us informed and did everything they could to keep our costs low. Great customer service, always went above and beyond. We would definitely recommend to our friends and family.

Steven Radlof
Key West, FL

Julie Wallace very knowledgeable and professional. Enjoyed working with Sharon Bateman-outstanding service-acquired package in advance of settlement to accommodate request of borrower. Terrific coordination with investor/broker for documents-funding-again very knowledgeable professional.

First International Title-Mendy Walden
Key West, FL

Very friendly and honest. I had daily updates. Julie and Sharon were so accessible I abused it. Cash to close was less than disclosed and I ended up getting money back. I would absolutely recommend to a friend or family member.

Tammy Fox
Key West, FL

Julie Wallace is very knowledgeable, flexible and very professional. Enjoyed coordinating with Sharon Bateman-outstanding service. Acquired closing package in advance of settlement to accommodate request of borrowers. Terrific coordination with investor/broker for documents-funding- knowledgeable -proffessional

First International Title-Mendy Walden

Sharon was a pleasure to work with! She was very thorough, persistent and totally honest and straight forward. This was one where I wrote the contract for the seller and buyer at the sellers request(not a listed property). Sharon and your company got this VA loan closed in record time and very few issues. I would definitely recommend friends, clients and family. Many thanks.

Bill House Realtor
Astor, FL

Julie: I've had the pleasure of knowing you for years as a neighbor and friend. I am so happy that I've had the pleasure of working with you and your staff on two VA Loans in 2011. You communicating updates to both the buyers and the sellers was absolutely great. It saved me time on having to communicate with the listing agents myself. The listing agents even commented on how informed we all were. You even kept the closings agents in the loop. My buyers also enjoyed their experience with you and Sanford Mortgage. As you know, I sent you another buyer a few weeks ago that I thought was going to go VA, but is now going Conventional and my understanding is that they were going to use you. I would never hesitate to recommend you to anyone that wants to purchase a property. I do my referrals on lenders the same way I do my home inspectors. I give them my two favorite and then they can contact both, and it's their decision. You can rest assured you are one of those two favorites. Lynn B. Lucas, P.A. AMERICAN CARIBBEAN REAL ESTATE MIDDLE KEYS

Lynn B. Lucas Referral

Julie, I must say that in my 12 years selling real estate in the Florida Keys that you and your company have stood out as one of the very best to work with. I had a deal where I had the seller, yet you kept me in the loop at all times, communicating with me to let me know the progress of the buyer’s loan with Sanford Mortgage Corporation. This gave my sellers a level of comfort that cannot be expressed. Even after the file left your desk and went to underwriting, they too kept communicating with me. I found the customer service of Sanford Mortgage Corporation to be exceptional. I have already recommended you to new customers of mine who are looking for a loan. I would not hesitate to recommend Sanford Mortgage Company to other agents or brokers. Warm Regards, Laura

Laura Hutt Referral

Dear Julie and Sharon, I would like to take a moment and thank you and Sharon for the outstanding job you have just completed for our client the Bauers. I have been a real estate broker for 12 years and I was extremely pleased with your thoroughness, professionalism and dedication to the project you both exhibited. We all know there are many pitfalls especially at this time to be prepared for. Your communication with all involved was refreshing and much appreciated. Our clients were very pleased with the rate and fees that you negotiated on their behalf. We look forward to referring you to our clients in the future. Cheryl Moses Broker

Cheryl Moses Referral

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